The Newest In Home Luxury

According to the Business Insider, Luxury home owners want the most energy-efficient appliances and now they’re even installing foot-massaging floors and lighting synced to their circadian. The new WELL Building Standard has been developed by Paul Scialla, founder of the real-estate company Delos. Although WELL is in its beginning stages, these posh amenities can already be found in CBRE’s headquarters in Los Angeles; LYFE Kitchen, a health-food chain with locations in Chicago and California; Las Vegas’ MGM Grand; and downtown L.A.’s forthcoming mixed-use development, The Bloc. The program’s crowning glory is Manhattan’s 66 East 11th Street, a residence that opened this summer whose units range from $14.5 to $50M.

The WELL Building Standard includes:

1. A particle-and-carbon-removal system, built into the central A/C, eliminating allergens, toxins, pathogens, and pollen, while UV sanitizers sterilize harmful particles that make it into the O2 circulating through your pad.

2. Soundproof Sheetrock walls and double-glazed windows block noise from even the busiest streets and loudest neighbors, while cork-and-rubber sound-damping floor underlays and all-natural foam insulation help keep the peace inside.

3. Circadian-Rhythm Lighting Overexposure to static light (which is what’s in most interiors) throws our circadian rhythms out of whack and drastically reduces melatonin (the sleep hormone) levels. These lighting systems can be tailored to the occupant’s sleep habits and—coupled with a dawn-simulating nighttime blackout-shading system—gradually brighten or darken to help you doze off and rise naturally.

4. Vitamin C–Infused Showers The nutrient does wonders for hair and skin, and after 15 minutes under a tricked-out faucet, you’ll be drenched in it.

5. Light-Therapy Mirror Perform your morning grooming ritual basking in waves of blue light (similar to those emitted by an iPad). Colors at this “temperature” slow the melatonin flow that started at night and boost attention, reaction times, and mood—making you more alert.

6. Reflexological Tiling Heated Carrara-marble flooring in the bathroom delivers a mini-rubdown with every step; the raised tiles can be arranged in patterns modeled after foot-reflexology maps.

7. Steam Oven A reservoir boils water, generating a low-temperature cloud of steam heat (more intense than electric heat) that covers food instantly. The resulting rapid cooking preserves the fiber, color, and flavor of produce, as well as B vitamins . . . vitamin C, calcium . . . and zinc.

8. Germ-Free Countertops Single-slab quartzite countertops are treated with a photocatalytic coating (an invisible layer of titanium oxide that can be applied to any high-touch surface—faucets, light switches) that destroys chemicals, killing odors and bacteria. With no gaps between slabs of marble for micro organisms to settle, your clean-eating habit is that much cleaner.

~ by Ross Ellis on September 1, 2014.

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